Past Althing Debates

Debates for 2017 - 18

13 November 2018

#MeToo is unfair to men

8 December 2018

Brexit Forum

15 February 2019

Cruise ships are more trouble than they’re worth

15 March 2019

Facebook brings out the worst in people

18 May

Hustings: European Parliament

Debates for 2016 - 17

29 October 2016

Brexit is best for Shetland

7 January 2016

Trump: we got what we deserved

11 February 2017

Who'd be a Councillor? - Speakeasy

11 March 2017

Speed debate

22 April 2017

The time is right fir Shetland autonomy

1 June 2017

General election hustings

Debates for 2015 - 16

24 October 2015

Speed debate of Althing motions from the 1950s

28 November 2015

Modern parenting is spoiling our children

16 January 2016

The Charitable Trust cuts are not charitable

19 March 2016

It's time gender equality reached Lerwick Up Helly Aa'

16 April 2016

Hustings (The candidates for the Scottish Parliament election)

Debates for 2014 - 15

18 October 2014

Scotland made the right decision on 18 September

15 November 2014

Commemoration of the First World War is unhelpful to the cause of peace.

13 December 2014

Harry Potter is more relevant than Hamlet

17 January 2015

The beard maketh the man

21 February 2015

Shetland is a bad place to be poor

14 March 2015

Lerwick is too big for its boots

Debates for 2013 - 14

28 September 2013

We have lost the art of polite argument

2 November 2013

Scheduled debate cancelled.

30 November 2013

Religion does more good than harm

18 January 2014

Style is more important than substance

15 February 2014

Assisted suicide should be legalised

22 March 2014

The time is right for Scottish independence

Debates for 2011 — 2012 season

24 September 2011

There is no excuse for rioting

29 October 2011

Religion and education don’t mix

26 November 2011

The rainy day has come: the reserves are there for spending

14 January 2012

Shetland’s future lies in an independent Scotland

11 February 2012

Modern life is making us stupid

12th March 2012

The coalition government is bad for Britain

Students from Brae and High school debate the motion.

Debates 2010 — 2011 season

2nd October 2010

It wis a sad day we left da croft

13th November 2010

The Coalition Government means the end of Liberalism in Shetland

11th December 2010

Tesco is bad for Shetland

22nd January 2011

Shetland invests too much in old people

19th February 2011

Social networking means fewer friends

12th March 2011

Shetland is morally bankrupt

Debates 2009 — 2010

31st October 2009

The celebration of the occult is unhealthy. Chaired by Martin Tregonning.

14th November 2009

Shetland supports exporting renewable energy. Chaired by Bobby Hunter.

12th December 2009

Shetland has too many schools. Chaired by Andrew Halcrow.

23rd January 2010

British forces should be removed from Afghanistan now. Chaired by Gordon Dargie.

20th February 2010

Shetland would be better served by a party political council. Chaired by Kevin Learmonth.

20 March 2010

An Althing tribute to the late Lollie Graham.

In a change to the advertised programme, we have an evening of music, poetry readings and talks on his life and work.

Debates 2008 — 2009 season

4th October 2008

Shetlan is no as weel aff as it maks oot.

15th November 2008

Tribute to John Graham.

6th December 2008

Yarning is a waste of time.

31st January 2009

Too much is spent on the arts in Shetland.

21st February 2009

Prison works.

14th March 2009

AGM, followed by:

Shetland’s remote islands are more trouble than they are worth.